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This section deals with metalconstructions/metalconverting especially with
Machine constructions
Hydraulic systems
Stockroom filling (individual)
as well as research and development of energy-saving technology.

Machine constructions:

Expert know how and professional equipment
gives us the chance to work with maximum precision
to implement your conception.
The picture on the right side shows our competency.

Stockroom filling:



Engine: 3 kw/1400 U/B5/400-690 V/aluminium body
Bearing case with oil seal

Rotation tool: 3 detached angle sections and the
engine shaft are connected to a single unit.

Trajectory length: 12m.

Body: laser cutted steel plates, welded, cap with
inserted nuts, electroplated.


Length: 100 cm
Width: 65 cm
Heigth: 60 cm
Width: 100 cm
Heigth: 10 cm


Engine I: 1,1 kw worm gear 400 V/160 U/alu body
Engine II: 2,2 kw worm gear 400 V/160 U/alu body

Fördertrog consisting of steel plates connected
with the Hackgutschleuder through a feeder worm.

Dimensions Fördertrog: 250x80x70
It is necessary to feed the stockroom filling technology with electricity containing an overload switch,
400 V/50 Hz
To receive further information:
Markus Laßhofer: 0664/340 33 11.